Homeopathy for post workout aches

Homeopathy for Post Workout Aches

My fitness journey has had its ups and downs. With the support of family and friends (tagged below) I've learned that consistency is key. And nothing worth having comes easily (my thoughts after a HIIT workout).


So in this post I will highlight a few homeopathic medicines you can use for recovering or minimizing post workout aches and pains as well as some tips I've learned so far.


My friend and workout buddy @fnmsupplementsinc has given me the following advice he learned for post workout recovery that comes from Stuart Phillips’ study (linked below):



Water and electrolytes. You need to replenish the fluids you’ve lost through exercise and exertion and to do so, you need water and electrolytes.



Good sources of carbohydrates are needed post workout to replenish glycogen stores in the muscles.



Stuart Phillips says that Protein needs to be consumed preferably in a liquid form after a workout in order to rebuild the damaged muscle proteins. “Protein ingestion and resistance exercise both stimulate the process of new muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and are synergistic when protein consumption follows exercise” (Stuart M. Phillips, PhD 2013). Read more here.


As for Homeopathy here are a few of my top remedies for post workout ache:


First and foremost Arnica is the first Homeopathic medicine to keep in mind for trauma. Arnica is the first remedy for trauma and shock. You may be restless and everything may feel worse at night. If you require Arnica you will have a sore and bruised feeling all over, you will feel worse from touch and jarring (like going downstairs). Arnica is used for muscular strains before and after exercise. However, as great as Arnica is, it often won’t completely relieve the pain and you will have to take another medicine to fully help the recovery process.


Bellis perennis is the second medicine to keep in mind when Arnica is no longer helping. Bellis is used for trauma and injuries to deeper tissues in the body like the abdomen and legs. You may again have a bruised and sore feeling but you feel better by rubbing the area whereas Arnica cannot be touched.


Rhus tox is my next top medicine for post workout because it is the most common medicine used in problems that arise after over lifting. It is used when there is an injury to the ligaments. Rhus tox is helpful in joint sprains and muscle strains. If you need Rhus tox you may feel stiff yet restless at the same time, you can’t find a comfortable position. You will feel worse from first motion (getting up from a chair) but better from continued motion (walking and moving once you’re out of the chair). Your aches and pains may be worse when the weather is damp and cold. These symptoms are an indication that Rhus tox may be helpful as a post workout Homeopathic medicine.


When taking these medicines 2 pellets of 12c or 30c will be enough every 20-30 minutes.


And if you’re still aching, an acute consultation with me is a short call away.


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What is homeopathy?

What is homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on observations of the law of similars, “like cures like”. Simply, that which a substance can cause, it can cure. Samuel Hahnemann conducted experiments with Peruvian bark where quinine can be derived. He found that when a healthy person took daily doses of Peruvian bark, they developed symptoms similar to Malaria and indeed Peruvian bark given homeopathically is helpful in Malaria. Just as coffee can cause sleeplessness, given homeopathically it can be used to treat insomnia from active thoughts at night. 

Homeopathy is gentle and safe. Homeopathic medicines are made from serially diluted and potentized substances, as a result the medicine has no side effects. Hahnemann found that as he diluted substances to make medicines from them, they were less likely to have side effects while still having curative properties.


Homeopathy is individualized. There is no specific medicine for particular diseases. There is however, a specific medicine for the person affected by the disease. A Homeopath will take the time to take a thorough health history and details about the patient such as their family history, disposition, diet, sleep etc.


For further reading take a look at these resources:


Timothy Dooley - Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine https://amzn.to/2u9ufcV

Homeopathy for Sunburns


Few things can put a damper on a beautiful summer day the way a sunburn does. Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of a sunburn so here are some tips and homeopathic medicines to help soothe and heal those burns!

Sunburns occur when the skin is is exposed to the sun’s UV rays for too long resulting in a red and painful burn. There may be itching and skin peeling. It is important to drink water to avoid dehydration, and to cool the skin with a cool, damp towel or cool compress. For all these medicines below 30C potency should work well and they’re easily accessible at most health food and grocery stores. If you find a higher potency like 200C take it less frequently than directed below.                                             

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is outstanding for soothing a painful sunburn. It cools the skin and soothes the burn. If you have an Aloe plant at home use the insides of the leaves on your skin. If you want to purchase an Aloe gel it is best to find a very high quality gel, be sure that it isn’t full of dyes or fillers so read the ingredients.



Cantharis is one of the top Homeopathic medicines for sunburns and burns in general. According to Nash’s Therapeutics, Constantine Hering used to challenge skeptics to burn their fingers, and then cure them by dipping the fingers into water medicated with Cantharis. So great was his faith in it. (I wouldn’t recommend this but it’s a funny anecdote).

Cantharis is used when there is intense burning and scalding pains. It is also used especially in sunburns that blister. There is a great relief from cool applications. You can take 2 pellets of Cantharis 30C every 30 minutes during the burn or put the pellets in water and apply it to the skin


Great medicine for standard sunburn with no blistering. The skin will be very red and very hot to the touch, there will also be a sensitivity to touch. Take 2 pellets of Belladonna 30C every 30 minutes or put the pellets in water and sip throughout the day.


Sulphur is useful in sunburns where there is a lot of itching. The skin may be dry and intensely itchy, there may be a strong desire to scratch. The skin may feel worse after bathing or at night.  Take 2 pellets of Sulphur 30C every 30 minutes or put the pellets in water and take sips every 15-20 minutes.

Hopefully you can avoid getting sunburned this summer but if it does happen you can be prepared with these medicines in your cabinet.